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One super flexible UI framework for amazing developers and web agencies. Now based on Bootstrap 5, with no jQuery in core and an amazing brand new dark mode.

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Bootstrap 5

The latest and greatest framework version under the hood.

ECMAScript 6

Pure JavaScript code powers the custom JS functionality.


Modular and extendable styles for total control over your designs.

Laravel 10

Power your apps with the latest Laravel using the included kit.

OneUI Vue Edition

A separately sold pure Vue.js 3 version of OneUI, built with Vite, Vue Router and Pinia, is now included in the package for free!

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OneUI Versions

Inside the package you will find an HTML version, a PHP version and a Laravel Starter Kit.

Solid Foundation.

HTML Version

The abstract HTML version. This version can be used with any server side language/framework you prefer or currently working with.

PHP Version

The abstract PHP version. This version can come really handy as a starting point if you would like to build a custom PHP application.

Laravel 10 Starter Kit

It features a clean Laravel installation with all OneUI assets ready to work with Laravel Vite and a few example pages to get you started.

OneUI Features

Build user friendly and modern dashboards using the latest tech. Now is the time with a best selling UI framework.

Carefully Crafted.

Bootstrap 5

The latest Bootstrap version now powers OneUI framework. Amazing new features and utilities are ready for you to use.


OneUI was built with Sass, overriding and extending Bootstrap in an intelligent way to ensure a perfect and modular workflow.


ECMAScript 6

OneUI was built with ES6, the new major JavaScript release which enables us writing cleaner and better code. No jQuery in core.

Font Awesome 6

OneUI comes packed with one of the most popular icon sets, bringing you over 2000 freshly made icons for your projects.

Gulp 4

We created smart development tasks to help you focus on your projects. Just install the npm dependencies and use them out of the box.

webpack + Babel

Babel makes your JavaScript code compatible with older browsers and webpack bundles your JavaScript files together.


It will serve and sync your project across different browsers and also refresh them each time your save your files.


Peace of mind when working with Sass. Use the latest CSS syntax and Autoprefixer will auto add any required prefixes for older browsers.

Modular Approach

You can add your JavaScript or Sass overrides/customizations without altering the original files, making the update process an easy one.

Improved Design

Small touches and improvements were introduced throughout the template. From colors to layout and from custom elements to plugins.

Dark Mode

It is finally here and looks amazing! Carefully integrated and made to work with all color themes and included pages. You will love it!

Free Update

We love our customers, so we are giving the 5.x version away as a free update to all existing ones! Thank you all for your support!

Real Customer Reviews

Check out what web developers and people in tech have written about OneUI.

Truly Loved.

A combination of flexibility and ease of use. The design is beautiful, but I really value the ease in which I was able to integrate this into my development workflow and platform.

For Other by appeality

While reading the docs i can feel that you literally gave your heart to create this project. It is a high quality piece of work, thanks for sharing it!

For Code Quality by msagi

This is my first purchase on Themeforest and I am delighted. Everything from the design to the code is beautifully crafted and the customer support is great also. Congratulations pixelcave.

For Customizability by CaravelaThemes

One of the most well thought-through and comprehensive Themeforest templates available. Consistently excellent design and broad feature base. Highly Recommended!

For Feature Availability by stephenhird

One of the best paid for downloads I have ever made. Has so many features which have all been designed and put together absolutely brilliantly.

For Design Quality by weblid

This is hands down the best template I have ever come across. It has absolutely everything you need right there laid out and easy to find. I couldn't recommend this template enough!

For Feature Availability by dhowa021

After using this Admin template for 6 months...we are still delighted. This template has everything. It has obviously been designed with much care and detail. Very intuitive, Easy to use. And we're still finding functionality that we hadn't discovered before. Well done to the developer and thanks for putting your heart-and-soul into this template.

For Other by conorhannah

This is the best UI I have ever came across, this UI theme is absolutely perfect in Every Way :) Really happy with the purchase.

For Other by spmtumblr

I have spent two days researching admin themes. There are a couple of really good ones out there, but this one came out at the very top for me. Looks great, on both desktop and mobile, the feature set is amazing, the documentation looks very good. I haven't started implementing yet, but this deserves five stars already.

For Design Quality by dvartok

This is one of the best all-around packages I've purchased from ThemeForest. Not only is the Documentation is excellent and well-written, but the code itself is intelligently built and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for doing such great work.

For Other by rshaffaf

The best admin template ever, no doubt of it!!

For Other by kaladrian

Easily the best admin template you can find.

For Code Quality by nozebra_dk

Everything's perfect! Good design! Best performance I've ever use! And the best thing, fastest support I've seen! 5 star satisfaction!

For Customer Support by arkheacol04

This is an amazing, multi purpose, and very well designed and structured template. I rarely write a review but this template deserves the support. It is distinguished.

For Design Quality by maa83

Long story short: I really enjoy using the templates made by pixelcave. The code is very flexible and well structured, the documentation is very good - everything you need.

For Code Quality by Master_rg

It's awesome, not only the design is marvelous, the code and documentation helps easy customization.

For Design Quality by alperaydyn2

Awesome !!! Thanks for a so great template !!

For Feature Availability by Markuitos

Awesome code, works really well, well documented!

For Flexibility by corverdevelopment

Crafted with by pixelcave

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